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Why some people prefer oxygen facial to normal facial treatments?

Once you decide to go for an appropriate facial treatment, you may do a research as to what type of facial treatment you should opt for. During your research, you may find that some people prefer oxygen facial treatment or oxygen intraceutical facial treatment to normal facial. You may wonder why this is so and hence, may delve deep to find out the reasons. You will find that oxygen facial treatment bestows a number of benefits on users. Let us find out.

1. Researchers want to utilize the great properties of oxygen in cleansing and freeing our systems of toxins and impurities. Especially, those involved in skin treatments want to use this amazing quality of oxygen for keeping our skin healthy. Thanks to circulation of blood in our body, oxygen is supplied to all the parts of our body and this includes the skin as well. As we get older, the oxygen supply to our skin gets reduced due to which fine lines and wrinkles start appearing. So, we are likely to look older than our original age.

Experts in the skin treatment field have researched and found that they can make use of the oxygen facial process to treat the problem of fine lines and wrinkles so people can appear youthful once again. Thanks to the efficacy of this treatment, a number of celebrities including those who belong to the Hollywood and others like Madonna and Kate Middleton are also rumored to get this treatment done on a regular basis.

How is an oxygen facial treatment carried out?

1. Once you seek the help of a spa or a clinic that offers various types of services that include a hyperhidrosis treatment and they agree to offer the oxygen facial services, you will be asked to come for a session during which they will cleanse and exfoliate your skin so all the impurities and dirt are completely removed.

2. They will then use an oxygen bubble under pressure for infusing hyaluronic acid of molecular weight of very low range so the serum penetrates deep into your skin layers. It is a known fact that hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizer of superior quality.

3. The next step involves infusion of another serum of a higher weight into the middle layer as well as the top layer of your skin. The purpose of infusion of this serum of heavier weight is to completely hydrate the skin.

4. Then, the professionals of the spa or the clinic will determine the specific needs of your skin so they can suitably blend appropriate botanical extracts, peptides and antioxidants for infusing into your skin.

5. If the experts find that you have a hyper-pigmented skin, they will use skin brighteners such as Alpha-Arbutin because these brighteners are natural and will not do any harm. The experts will use Vitamin C also for those who have a hyper-pigmented skin. They may opt to use inflammation-fighters such as Yellow Dock for tackling the problem of redness that may affect certain people.

Benefits of oxygen facial treatment

1. Oxygen facial treatment is easy to carry out. In fact, experts can complete the whole procedure within about an hour. This means that you can get this done during your lunch time and get back to your office on time for the afternoon session.

2. The treatment promotes production of collagen in the skin and hence, your skin that has lost its elasticity will become firm once again.

3. Oxygen facial will effectively detox your skin. Not only that, the treatment will nullify the negative impact of environmental pollutants also.

4. Thanks to this treatment, the cell turn-over that has along remained sluggish due to lack of oxygen in the skin will improve manifold. So, new cells will get formed at a more rapid pace. This speedy creation of new cells will help in the healing of acne, blemishes and even facial scars.

5. Most importantly, this treatment does not have any side effects.

6. You will have more rejuvenated and refreshed complexion and hence, you are advised to get it done on a regular basis. You must especially go for it before special occasions.

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