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What do you need to get your wallpaper right the first time

Wallpapers can be a costly mistake. What do you need to get your wallpaper right the first time?

How many of us have shopped for wallpaper from the stores absolutely sure that we’ll love it? A lot of people would say yes to that. How many still have installed or had it installed only to find out it didn’t have the intended effect? The wallpaper that looked so good at the store now looks drab, dull, and old. You end up living with it or redecorating it which both means spending money on something that didn’t give you any joy. There will probably be a handful, if not a lot, of people who have been in this situation before. All is not hopeless though. Choosing a wallpaper can be very tricky but with the number of tips and tricks you can find online, you will no doubt pick the right one for the rooms that you are decorating.

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For starters, Amanda Sims writing for Architectural Digest lists down the things you need to think about apart from the pattern of the wallpaper for your room.

You obviously need to love the pattern but here are other things to consider

Before sifting through the zillions of wallpaper options out there—and definitely before falling in love with a pattern—you’ll want to make sure that wallpaper is the right choice for the room in question. (No reason to spring for that cheeky blowfish print only to realize the room isn’t suitable for papering.) Read more here!

Design is important but that’s not all to it. You’ll need to consider the layout of the room, the amount of space that you need to cover, the scale of the desired pattern, the steaminess of the room, and whether kids will stay there or not. Each factor is important in making sure the wallpaper you choose is flawless. For instance, the size of the room determines your budget. You don’t want to start the project and stop halfway because you’ve run out of funds. When you restart it, a lot of things can go wrong—the wallpaper is no longer available, your installer is out of town. When choosing wallpapers, you will need to have everything covered. If you’ve done everything right, you will need to choose the wallpaper itself. Alicia Brunker in this Realsimple article educates us about that one mistake you should be careful not to do.

There’s one mistake that most people make when choosing wallpaper

But when you do find that perfect paper to compliment a bathroom, entryway, or dining room, it can be home design magic. Tempted by the gorgeous designs available everywhere from your local paint store to sites like Anthropologie, Walls Republic, and Farrow & Ball? Read more here!

When it comes to wallpapers, don’t go small. It can be scary to go big but this expert advice certainly has its merits. Big patterns help create space whether used in big or small rooms. They also work with other graphical designs that you intend to do with your home. Choosing small patterns while seemingly less risky requires more skill to make an impact in your room. Even with these tips, you might still feel apprehensive in choosing the wallpaper. Laura Gaskill, writing for Houzz, provides more tips guaranteed to get your wallpaper choice right.

Finding the right pattern can be difficult but not impossible

But given the cost and the need for professional installation (a must), wallpaper can seem like a risky commitment. If you’ve been wanting to add wallpaper to your space but keep shying away, these 10 tips should help ease some of the fear factor. Read more here!

One tip you can definitely try for yourself, if you’re still hesitant, is to live with the wallpaper for a bit. Decorate a part of your room and see how it works with the room that you are working on. This helps you think of a lot of factors you probably have not considered before such as the number of furniture you need to move around to accommodate it or if the wallpaper looks good when the sun hits a certain part of your room. This is just one of the many tips that are given to you that will help in choosing the right wallpaper for your homes.

In conclusion, most great things never come easy and choosing wallpaper falls into this category. If you get it right though, you will live in a space that you are entirely comfortable with and gives you joy. Before choosing a pattern, think of the room that you’re decorating. When choosing the wallpaper, go big. If that scares you, try to check out some other tips like taking a sample of the wallpaper and living with it. Like all great things, choosing a wallpaper requires a lot of effort but the effort is definitely worth it in the end.

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