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Ways of making your office more beautiful

Tiles are used while constructing buildings. This is because they are highly resilient and have a very low maintenance cost — sweep, mop and dry, and your tiles are clean and shining! Hard materials like metal, sandstone, stone, glass, and ceramic are used to manufacture tiles. The process used is by heating them in a kiln at a very high temperature, to give them the desired shape. The word ‘tiles’ goes back to the ancient times. It has its origin in the Latin word tegula, which means a roof tile made of fired clay. Tiles are used for various purposes while constructing a building — flooring, roofing, to covering walls. Thus, they range over a variety of shapes from square pieces to mosaics which have a complex structure.

Ceramic is the most commonly used material in tiles. Glazed ceramic tiles are used for the flooring, and unglazed ceramic tiles are used for roofing. Flooring tiles are mainly made of ceramic that may be glazed or painted. This is mainly to keep the floor dirt and dust resilient, thereby making the cleaning process easy and less time consuming. Ceramic tiles supplier in Singapore ensure that while making floor tiles, they keep these things in mind.

Tiles in office space:

As tiles are easy to clean, they are being used increasingly in office spaces. Also, tiles can be found in various artistic designs and can be custom made too. Thus they can be made brand compliant while used in a commercial space. This is one major reason why most offices are using tile flooring. Also, artistic tiles enhance the look and aesthetic appeal in the office. A beautifully designed interior will for sure motivate the employees to come to office more than a shabby looking office space.

Choosing the right type of tiles for your office is a difficult task. One must keep his/her profession in mind while choosing the tile. The person in an advertising agency will definitely need more colorful and quirky looking tiles than the ones in a finance or sales firm. Also choosing the right color tile is greatly influenced by the profession. Colorful tiles may help you have more creative ideas while tiles in soothing pastel shades may reduce the stress levels of an employee in the sales and marketing team. As Singapore has many offices of different industry sectors, ceramic tiles supplier in Singapore keep these factors in mind while supplying the tiles.

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Leroy Terry

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