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Tips on Keeping the Wallpaper Looking Brand New

When comparing wallpaper to paint, it is commonly said that the former is easier to maintain and clean than the latter. Here are tips on keeping the wallpaper looking brand new.

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1. Vacuum the walls: The easiest trick to maintain wallpaper is by vacuuming it. The soft brush attachment works best and is mandatory in case of textured or flocked paper. Start at the top and work your way down. Concentrate on individual panels at a time. If there are cobwebs, clear them before you start. If you try brushing off the cob webs they may streak the wall. Dust the house as required. For non-textured wallpaper a microfiber cloth will also work.

2. Test the surface before washing it: Most wallpaper is washable. Test a small patch with a squirt of dishwashing liquid and water to check for discoloration. If the material darkens, color runs or absorbs water, the wallpaper is not washable. In such cases clean it with dough.

3. Use dough for delicate cleaning: When you need to clean a stain off a reed or fabric wall covering or for that matter uncoated wallpaper, the safest agent is wallpaper dough. These are sold at paint shops and home centers. To clean, take a handful of dough from the container, mold it into a ball and roll it across the surface of the wall to lift up the dirt. To clean the dough or expose clean surface, knead the dirt to the center of the ball.

4. Maintaining the wallpaper in the bathroom: Ensure that the exhaust fan is working and the warm air is constantly forced out of the room. Let the steam cloud from the shower escape. If the bathroom is moist most of the times, use a mildew proof adhesive and wallpaper. Non-woven and paper wallpapers are good contenders for bathrooms. The grasscloth wallpapers that are available currently are better to avoid.

5. Wipe it down, occasionally: Dusting may not be sufficient when there are little kids around. Grease, steam and tough stains cannot be removed by dusting only. A light washing every few month should be sufficient. Wallpaper used in the kitchen is vinyl and therefore water resistant. Wipe them clean with a natural damp sponge with a dollop of dish washer liquid. The sponge must be moist but not wet enough to seep under the seams. The direction of cleaning must be from bottom up. Do not scrub under any circumstance and pat dry once finished.

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