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Tile your kitchen with the 5 natural elements

Looking for ways to spice up your kitchen tiles Singapore? How about giving your kitchen tiles the makeover with any of the five natural elements of fire, water, earth, metal and wood!

The universe, according to ancient wisdom, is based on these five elements and their balancing forces. It is also believed that each represents different states of energy.

The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing trendy kitchen tiles in Singapore. Glitz, spice, drama and more are at your behest if you choose your elements wisely. Here are some ways to add the five elements.

1. Water: The sound, feel and look of the mystical ocean can be created either with the use of ocean colors, shape and styles of the kitchen tiles or the artwork on the tiles. Or, a combination of all. Using backsplashes of glossy porcelain or mosaic of soft hues can bring in the blues of the oceanic kind. Else experiment with the varied hues and moods of the mystic ocean with different shades of blue and black! Shimmery silver hues are also perfect for the seabed look.

2. Earth : The earth brings to mind warmth and greenery . Use of natural earthen colors, with terracotta rough strewn tiles or decorative earthenware tiles for flooring can bring in the good earth to your kitchen! Else experiment with the myriad shades of green for the backsplash. Pure brick walls create the earthen look effortlessly too.

3. Fire: Fiery reds and oranges characterize fire in all its glory. Or use a combination of textured black and red backsplash for more fire and spice.

4. Metal : Shimmery and glittery neutral monochromes can create the element of metal. Using gunmetal tiles that are dark hued can bring in more warmth as well. Else go for the gold ! Nothing symbolizes metal better than the bright yellow metal! Black and silver is another perfect combination to bring in the shimmer of metals.

5. Wood: Creating the wood look in kitchen tiles is quite simple. Use the porcelain that looks as good as the wood without the maintenance issues! Throw in multiple shades that range from the rosewood, teak, oaks to soak in the warmth of the forests. In vogue are the patch wood tiles that are a patchwork of different shades of wood to create the old world charm of wooden cottages!

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Leroy Terry

Leroy Terry

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