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Precautions to be taken to keep mosaic tiles in a good condition

In urban areas there is an increased use of mosaic as a flooring material as it is easy to clean. The use of mosaic tiles dates back to the Greek and Roman era. It has been used as a floor and wall decor for quite some time now and is available in modern designs as well as vintage designs. However, for mosaic to last long one must take good care of it and clean it regularly.

Following simple three steps is good enough to keep your mosaic floor clean:

  • Vacuum Cleaning: mosaic has a weird tendency of accumulating dust on it. Thus vacuum cleaning it regularly is needed to keep it clean.
  • Suitable cleaning material: the best way to clean your mosaic floor is using soap and water. However, you can also use the detergents and liquids that are available in the market. But make sure they are not abrasive to the mosaic floor.
  • Treating it like a tile: if you use a very harsh brush on your mosaic floor or mop it very hard, then there are chances that like your ceramic tile floor your mosaic floor will also have scratches and stains. Hence use a very gentle brush to clean the mosaic floor.

Mosaic and ceramic tiles supplier in Singapore and in other parts of the often mention these simple steps to ensure that the mosaic floor does not wear off easily.

Tips to clean mosaic floors:

Whether you are a mosaic and ceramic tiles supplier in Singapore or in any other part of the world, there are some universal tips that you should always give to your customers to maintain a good reputation in the market:

  • Using sealant regularly: It is a major part of maintain the mosaic tiles. Using sealant is damp areas like the bathroom or outdoors is a must so that the mosaic floor does not wear off easily.
  • Using soapy water: there are many chemical products that are available in the market, but wiping the floor with soapy water is the best way to keep the mosaic tiles clean.
  • Cleaning grout regularly: grout attracts all kinds of dirt. Hence one major concern should be keeping your mosaic floor grout free. This will not allow mould to build up.
  • Avoid acid: never clean your mosaic floor with any acidic substance as it is corrosive for the mosaic floor and can wear it off easily.

Hence by following these steps and tips you can easily maintain your mosaic floor.

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