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Peel Away Layers of Troubled Skin


Peel Away Layers of Troubled Skin

There are multiple solutions to treat dryness, acne, age spots, wrinkles, moles, pigmentation and other skin related woes. The fact is today, there are plenty of options available. Let us look at the options that peel away layers of troubled skin.

One popular method nowadays is laser skin treatment Singapore where non-invasive laser is used to light energy to gently stimulate natural collagen growth

The treatment used by clinics infuses microdermabrasion techniques that provide a deep infusion to the skin by hydrating and exfoliating dead cells. The scraping sensation may seem abrasive but after the treatment, the skin is free from radicals. The result is plump looking fresh, smooth and clean skin. The point to note is that one must avoid extremes in climate especially the sun or stand in front of a stove.

Vampire Facial
The name may sound rather Halloweenisque but in practicality, it is the composition of your own blood drawn out and mixed with a solution that boosts and revives the cells. The method also produces collagen and ensures that body heals itself from radicals. The immediate reaction is a redness on the skin, for a couple of days, but over a few months, all the troubled features are erased. The advantage here is that the treatment does not require any potions or lotions later, you are free from negative influencers on the skin, period.

Hydra Facial
The process commences by brushing the skin to exfoliate the dead cells. An application of serums rich in antioxidants, hyaluronic and peptides treats any concerns on the skin. The areas on the skin, riddled with acne, pigmentation, congested pores, oily skin, is eased away by the expert. The advantage here is that there are no needles whatsoever, but a dash of instantaneous sonic technology that provides a glow to the skin, immediately.

Oxy Facial
As we get older, the skin invariably feels effects of free radicals taking over resulting in irreparable damage. The oxygen facial in Singapore starts with a deep cleanse of the skin. The next step is exfoliating the skin and proceeding to the use of hyaluronic acid applied to the skin. After this phase, the use of pressurized oxygen on the skin ensures that you have fresh skin free from damage. If you are riddled with extreme skin conditions, a series of oxygen facials may be required.

Micro Needling
This technique cannot and should not be provided at a basic salon. It needs the finesse and expertise of a dermatologist to boost collagen on the face. Prior to the facial, a numbing cream is applied before the rotating device is used on the skin. The rotator blades move over the skin that may feel like tiny needles but it does not tear the skin or cause any damage. In fact, it plumps up the skin, evens out the tone, repairs any acne scars and removes cracks in the skin.

Fruit & Vegetable Facial
Nothing is as refreshing as a papaya facial or a vegetable facial. The specialist analyses the quality of the skin and based on the tone will work in the troubled areas. The process commences with a deep cleanse, removal of dry and dead skin and working into the skin with a facial massage. The final treatment is a mask with vegetable or fruit, whatever is suitable for the skin, to ease away the problem. The advantage of the facial is that it is non-invasive, does not cause any wear or tear on the skin and can be repeated every week.

In Sum
Taking care of your skin is very essential. Many creams are available based on tone, type, age, and so on and so forth. The rule of thumb is to follow a routine so that there is limited or no damage to the body’s largest organ.

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