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Maintaining Weight Loss after Vanquish Procedure

There is a huge challenge that you may face after slimming down – weight maintenance. While exercise is the best alternative to maintain your new shape after a vanquish fat treatment , food habits and diet mistakes may also trip you.

Below are some of the common diet mistakes that you are likely to make:

* Eating too quickly – You may end up eating your food quickly if you have a meeting planned ahead of your day. It is recommended that you should taste every bite of food and enjoy it so that your body can signal you of fullness. This way you will avoid overeating.

* Skipping – While skipping is good as an exercise however, skipping meals will never save calories. It has been surveyed that people who do not complete 3 meals actually consume more calories than needed. Plan at least 3 meals. Your breakfast is the most important meal and should have protein and fiber. As you shop for your meal plans, pen down all the necessary items. This will avoid you from buying anything that is not required or skipping a meal. Always include fruits and vegetables in your meals as they are a great source of proteins and keep your weight in check.

* Liquid calories – Calories from alcohol, smoothies, coffee, tea, sugar or sodas result in weight gain. These beverages only curb your thirst but not your hunger and you cant compensate by eating less. Switching to water, club soda, vegetable juices, skimmed milk and natural fruit juice is a recommended approach. While water is not very effective in controlling weight however, serves as a reminder in case of between-meals.

* Huge Food portions – Eating huge portions like that served at restaurants is not good. To ensure that you eat in moderate quantities, you can leave few bites of food on your plate. Another option is to use smaller plates and bowls and use measuring cups to check the quantity of food.

* Add on – Some of you may have the tendency to top up your salads with high-fat toppings like cheese, bacon and creamy dressings. There are times when you are hungry and you land up at a fast food joint. Order for a grilled chicken and salad at such a place instead of a burger.

* Eating without thinking – Sometimes when you are watching a movie or reading a book, you may unknowingly land up eating from your bag or a box. Some mothers may not realize but they munch on the last few bites that their child may have left on his plate. Refrain from these habits and resist such temptation. All these small food items contain calories and eventually add up to your overall calorie intake for the day.

* Weigh yourself – Weighing your weight on consistent basis will help you keep a check on your weight and shed any extra pounds.

* Exercise – A 20 minute workout in the day for five days keeps you on track.

* Reward yourself – Weight maintenance will work best for you if occasionally give in to temptation.

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Leroy Terry

Leroy Terry

Leroy Terry is a 25-year-old local activist who enjoys binge-watching boxed sets, charity work and camping. She is stable and caring, but can also be very rude and a bit untidy.