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How to keep your tiles in top condition

When you decide to lay tiles in your home, you do so because tiles are easily maintained so the hygiene of your place is well taken care of. Tiles do not get dirty easily, which means just a quick cleaning done regularly is enough to maintain them. Of course, the tiles supplier in Singapore from whom you have bought them may have provided you with the tips to maintain them. However, the following suggestions may also help.

1. Sweep or vacuum the tile areas on a regular basis. This step will help you get rid of the dirt in the areas. 

2. You can use a dampened cloth or a mop for wiping them down. You can add a little bit of a disinfectant or vinegar to the water you use for dampening the cloth or the mop. But guard against using a large quantity of water because tiles are comparatively more slippery than other surfaces. This may give room for injuries to the occupants of the building.

Another reason for advising you not to use excessive water is that there are chances of mold and bacteria growing in damp areas. Especially, in places where humid climate prevails most of the year and in buildings where there is no proper ventilation, the problem may become more serious. If you observe that the building has been affected by mold or bacteria due to damp tiles, you can remove them either by spraying or by wiping the tiles using a chlorine bleach. You can rinse the tiles thoroughly after about five minutes.

3. There is absolutely no need for using soaps, powders, detergents, and chemical cleaners for cleaning the tiles. In fact, using them may harm the health of the occupants of the building and particularly the kids.

Furthermore, soaps and most of the detergents may leave what is known as ‘soap scum’ on the tiles. This film of the soap can attract dirt, grease, etc. and trap them in the tiles and they may change the original color of the tiles in the long run.

4. Similarly, most of the chemical cleaners contain acids and hence, they may damage the tiles or they may react with the grease or the dirt that may accumulate in the tiles. This may lead to a few other problems.

5. It is always better to follow the tips given by the tiles supplier in Singapore from whom you have bought the tiles. They are well aware of the ways to properly maintain the tiles and hence, their insightful suggestions may go a long way in helping you upkeep the tiles of your home in the right manner.

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Leroy Terry

Leroy Terry

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