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How to easily acheive young looking skin


Many factors contribute to the body bellying up because it does not receive the love it is expected to receive. The skin as the largest organ invariably feels the effects of lackluster tones primarily because most people do not realize the damage done. Sedentary lifestyles, bad eating habits, irregular bowel movements, limited or no exercise, stress, lack of sleep and other factors show up on the skin. Let us look at how it is possible to have young looking skin even at the age of 70 if simple rules are followed.

As an elixir of life, no one should or can do without water. Opening a can of juice may seem ideal after a hot day, or even a glass of beer, but water is the ideal thirst cleanser and the skin needs water. The eight glasses of water a day remains constant for the average person.

Adding veggies to the daily diet is necessary and while many people prefer their steak, the accompaniment of vegetables goes a long way. It has been proven that a diet rich in excessive protein ultimately results in a series of upsets to the body that shows up on the skin.

Including a fruit a day, every day must be a daily routine. Forget what people say about certain fruits being bad for the body. In the good old days, people ate any amounts of fruit and were never riddled with health-related issues, like we have today.

Mixing it Up
A diet rich in calcium, minerals, protein, some carbohydrates works rather well on the body. In fact, the largest organ will never feel the lack of love and will glow with a diet infused with the right mix. The idea is not to go overboard but keep it simple.

A diet that lacks salt will result in disorientation. The right amount of salt in the diet is okay for the body and the skin in particular. But a daily dose of fried goodies with ample salt will result in acne eruptions and boils.

Walking for about an hour or half an hour daily works wonder on the skin. If going to the gym is possible, there is nothing like sweating it out and eliminating toxins from the body. Without the right amount of exercise, the skin will start showing signs of aging and sag earlier than necessary.

Mind and Tone
Stress they say is the trigger that results in a series of upsets to the body. The ideal solution is to release tension and eliminate stress. In fact, the more the stress, the more the wrinkles pop up, tension lines occur on the skin, pimples erupt, hair falls, and grayness occurs, and the list goes on, without letting up.

In Sum
While these simple facts can help you better your skin tone, there are myriad options available at the aesthetic clinic in Singapore right from laser treatment to various other formulae. Botox eases away the lines on the face and turns back the clock. Chemical peels are noninvasive and remove troubled spots on the skin. Crow’s feet, fine lines, laugh lines, wrinkles and other age-related skin problems are eased away. Dermabrasion also works at the root of the problem, but it does cause the skin to redden considerably.

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Leroy Terry

Leroy Terry

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