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How Do Color Tones Affect Moods?

The colors you choose for the walls, wallpaper, furniture, décor of your home play a huge role in how happy you will be in your home. After all, home is where the heart lies and after a long day of work or at the office, you would just like to come to a house that is comforting and inviting and takes away all the stress, pain, and worry of work and the outside world. And this is where colors can either make or break your mood as you enter your home.

You do not want to come home to rooms that are dull and depressing with only white, black or gray furniture, wallpaper or décor. Even if the color of the walls is a neutral tone like white or cream, the furniture, carpeting, curtains, wallpaper and other décor can be spruced and spiced up with different colors like reds, pinks, oranges, purples, etc. You can play around with the colors of cushion covers on a one tone sofa set or have colorful lampshades and artifacts that add some life and glamor to an otherwise dull room.

Let’s take a look at how some colors can have various effects on our mood:

Green – this color is supposed to be easy on the eyes and invokes a sense of relaxation and calmness. It gives the least amount of strain on the eyes. Green is a good choice of color for your desktop or laptop screensaver if you are working on them most of the time.

Red – red, of course, gets your pulse racing, your blood pumping and your heart thumping so save this color for the bedroom. Whether you’re moving into a new home with your spouse of twenty years or you’ll are a newly married couple, nothing spices up the bedroom better than a splash of red.

Blue – this is a very stable color and can make you feel relaxed and at ease. Blue is also more of a masculine color rather than a feminine color, so blue is better suited for a guy’s bachelor pad or if he shares a two-bedroom place with another guy.

Oranges and pinks – these are more feminine colors and can be reserved for the bathrooms or kitchen. Orange creates enthusiasm and stimulates joy and energy. Pink is a cheerful color and can immediately put you in a good mood. Yellows remind us of sunshine and can help brighten a dull day too.

When choosing wallpaper in Singapore, make sure you choose tones which appeal to you as well as the feel of your home.

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Leroy Terry

Leroy Terry

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