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Go Vintage With 12 Vintage Wallpaper Ideas



Art and design is timeless. Although seasons change and bring in new trend, old styles make occasional grand come-backs.

Retro designs are minimal and usually are associated with a hint of loud color. There are no refined or complicated patterns which is

central in design today. If you want to go back to the good old days, here are vintage wallpaper suggestions from wallpaper Singapore

1.Turn over a new leaf: Leaves are classic clip art designs and the patterns available are endless. Find a leaf motif in retro print

or you can also have just a mono-accent in the center of the wall. Avoid design saturation by keeping other walls strikingly bare.

2.Diamonds are forever: Yes, you can never go wrong with diamond patterns. If youve noticed, a popular design of vintage gift wrapping paper

is also lines of diamonds. Try looking for patterns printed on colors like emerald or warm tones.

3.Balanced Geometry: Aztec prints are everywhere and why not on the walls? Geometric patterns are clean, uncluttered and simply stylish.

Printed in monochromatic colors, geometric patterns add a classic air to a living space. Choose muted colors like lilac to tone down sharp, angular designs.

4.A bit of chirpies: Vintage designs were dominated by bird motifs. If that is the essence you seek, bird design is the go-to choice. Take a pick from

multicolored repeated motifs or pattern breaks in neutral colors.

5.Vibrantly loud: Retro and pop go hand-in-hand. If the word retro brings to mind a bright red wall with yellow accent, then you have it right.

Colors in unusual shades of deep red, green and hot pink were popular picks back then.

6.Basic metallic shine: Metallic colors like chrome and steel are popular choices for a vintage theme. Contrary to common perception

that metallic colors are not suitable for a living room, check out patterns with large floral silver motifs with a hint of metallic shimmer before you drop the idea.

7.Go purple: A great wallpaper idea to give a vintage twist to a minimal space is by using different shades of purple. A wall paper

with intricate purple texture creates a mural effect. While using purple shades it is important to ensure that the other remaining walls are kept bare lest the space looks saturated.

8.Look to nature: There is innumerable nature inspired wallpaper which is available in the market. Choose bold colors like orange and

balance the rest of the space with muted furniture in shades of brown. A common patter is leaf foliage to mimic fall.

9.Turn it into art: If you are still apprehensive a full wall covered in wallpaper, add it in a small dose. A piece of wallpaper will

transform into art when placed in the center of the wall. By doing so, there is a dash of color to an otherwise toned down room.

10.Intersection of classic and modern: You can have the best of both worlds by choosing a design which is mid-way between classic and modern.

11.Contemporary vintage: Before you read the title again, contemporary vintage designs are those which look retro but are created with modern

trending pattens. An example of such a design would be a color pallet of white, black and orange colored recurring motifs.

12.Classic black and white: You can never go wrong with classic. Black and white wallpaper adds sophistication and can be used in living spaces like the kitchen as well.

There you have it, 12 vintage wallpaper designs to bring back the retro days, for you know, a classic is always class apart.

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