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The coinage “home sweet home” has been right opined by wise men. Imagine a very hectic day at your workplace at the end of the day, when you are completely tired and drained out, all you would want to do is come back to the peace and calmness of the four walls of your house. The cool touch of the floor on you bare feet is something that you have been craving for throughout the day. It is the walls and the floor that lend the basic look to your house. Thus it is very important that you design that walls and floors in a very aesthetic manner. The paint or wallpaper that you use on the wall and the tiles that you use for the floor has a major role to play in setting up the right mood of the house and the owner of the house.

In cosmopolitan places like Singapore, there is no dearth of interior designers and their myriad ideas. But to materialise these ideas someone needs to supply the raw materials like the paint and the floor tiles. This is where the ceramic tiles suppliers in Singapore become very important. If they cannot provide you with the right kind of design, then your idea of a dream house will shatter in front of your house. This is the reason ceramic tiles suppliers in Singapore and in other parts of the world are very important.

Types of tiles:

Tiles are made of various kinds of materials like stone, terrazzo, quartz, clay and also metal. Each of these raw materials lend a very unique texture to the tile. The way you take care of each type of tile is very important.

Ceramic tiles is one of the most commonly used tile for flooring. Ceramic tiles are made of clay that is heated to give it a shape. Kilns are used to heat them. Ceramic tiles again are two kinds the glazed ones and the unglazed ones. The unglazed one are usually used for flooring while the glazed ones are used for wall decoration. The unglazed ones are course in nature and are more durable and hence they are a good choice for the floor. However, the glazed one are glossy in texture with a slippery surface. Thus it is better to not use them for the floors but rather use them to give your walls a better look.

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Leroy Terry

Leroy Terry

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