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Dermatology Review for Exilis Treatment

Exilis Vs Facelift:

Several years ago, dermatologists introduced a special device as an alternative to cosmetic surgery: Exilis. This device is designed to operate on radio frequencies and works by heating a few specific layers of skin so that they can be melted for fat reduction, as well as for the tightening of skin. This technology has been used by various dermatologists throughout the world and the results are far better than other surgical procedures. The procedure, results as well as cost prove that Elixis is much better than a facelift and you can have realistic expectations before undergoing this surgery as they will be completed for sure.

How Does Exilis Work?

The Exilis technology is currently available in two different modes – BTL Exilis Elite and BTS Exilis Protégé.

The first one is used for body treatment whereas second one is commonly used for facial treatments. In the field of dermatology, it has brought new hopes and standards with its advanced procedures and quality results. It works by utilizing radio frequency waves and heats the skin with deep penetration up to several layers. It controls the production of collagen inside the skin layers and they naturally start producing more proteins, leading to better skin health. It can lead to a skin tightening effect in the long run. This technique can be also used for fat reduction, where radio waves are penetrated into the deeper tissues so that fat can be melted automatically. The fat is destroyed with externally applied energy and then is brought out of the body by natural processes.

Does it hurt?

Some of you might be feeling frightened with the process discussed above and the very first question in your mind must be “does it hurt”? It is good to know that Exilis technology is highly comfortable and painless as needles are not used for treatment. Patients can tolerate the complete procedures easily so there is no need to use anesthetics before the treatment. This technology does not cause damage to the upper layers of skin so you will never face the problem of scarring on the treated body surface.

Note that skin fats are not able to sustain too much damage at once so you need some time to let your body recover after this treatment and after this healing duration, you will be able to return your daily routine.

Cost of the treatment:

Exilis is available in many clinics throughout the world but before you think of applying this technology on your body, it is good to have some idea of the estimated cost. The overall cost of treatment ranges from $1000 to $1500 and some variations can be faced according to the location treated and the expertise of your doctor.

Possible Side Effects:

Many patients have used this treatment without harmful side effects popping up. It is believed that the Exilis treatment causes a little skin damage, but it takes a very short amount of time to recover. Your doctors can better guide you on cautions and aftercare.

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