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Change The Look Of Your Home

When you change the entire look of a place, it adds value not only in the profitability margin but also in looks. That is provided you use the right color scheme and blend in the new look with the rest of the structure. Not every house is created with a pretty theme; it takes the right set of contours and themes to bring out the best. Here are a couple of ways that some of the façade companies in Singapore can add value to your home.

A Lick of Paint

The simplest form of updating and cleaning up a place is by adding some swag to the building. Instead of a staid appearance, upping the game with a splash of designer colors automatically lifts the house and sets a tone. Before going the full hog, take a couple of pictures and try color co-ordinates on your computer (or ask for professional help) and go with the right scheme.

Go Green

Call in a specialist or gardener if you want, if you do not have green fingers and want to see how the place blossoms with the right amount of flora. It not only brings out the best for your frontage but also helps you breathe better. Plants have to be looked after. If you use wall hanging plants, make sure that the water used to water the plants does not leave an ugly mark on the walls. Spraying the plant is better because it gets the right dose without souring the building or the plants.

Window Change


Over time, windows look tired and not even a splash of polish or paint can revive a broken exterior. The façade companies in Singapore have wonderful ideas to prep your home for every season. For instance, if you do not want the sun beating into your bedrooms, use blinds or pretty curtains. That is, of course, once you change the woodwork, which immediately uplifts the momentum of the building.

There are a number of ways to get your home in the zone. All that you need to do is change things around a bit. Being a closet interior designer is in practically every one of us, you need to bring your A game to the building. Get the right schematics from — the best in the land and you will have yourself a house that you have always desired. A touch-up here and there automatically changes the appearance.

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Leroy Terry

Leroy Terry

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