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Benefits and Drawbacks of Different Kinds of Tiles

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The tiling industry worldwide has made progress in leaps and bounds and has resulted in a wide variety of tiles that can be used for various purposes and to suit the needs of one and all. Tiles can range from real stone tiles such as marble to the man-made tiles that are more durable and cheaper like the porcelain tiles. This makes the job of choosing the tiles that you want t use a difficult one especially if you do not have the right knowledge about tiles.

Here is a quick overview of the different types of tiles that can be used throughout the house, each of which has their own pros and cons.

Marble Tiles

If you get your hands on real marble they can be very beautiful and unique as they have beautiful shades and whirling patterns that can improve the aesthetic value of the room in which they are installed. Due to this, it can also be a bit more expensive than the other choices that are available. In addition, you have to be aware that some of the cheaper marble options that you find in the market may not be as durable and can be prone to cracking and can also get permanently scratched or discolored and would lead to a higher cost in the long run. However, if proper precautions are taken and the tile surface is regularly cleaned and taken care of it is the unrivaled choice of tiling for most people.

Ceramic Tiles

This is another commonly used type of tile that is a thin slab of inorganic materials such as clay which goes through the process of hardening in an oven and coated with a type of glaze. These are highly durable and some of the ceramic tiles that were used in ancient Rome and Egypt can still be found intact. Even Pompeii has beautiful ceramic tiles that have survived for over 2000 years. These tiles are a good choice for places that are used regularly like the kitchen and the bathroom, they are easy to clean and also do not house germs. The only drawback to this type of tile is that each lot of tiles may vary in color and size and hence once installed it may be difficult to get the exact tiles later.

Porcelain Tiles

Although it is a subtype of the ceramic tiles these types of tiles deserve mention as they are one of the most commonly used tiles today. They are much harder than the regular ceramic tiles and are also more resilient to wear. Due to this property, it had become the popular choice of tiles for more public areas such as the airports, outdoor areas and also shopping centers and other commercial areas. Owing to its popularity it was only a matter of time that it started being used in homes due to its durability. You can also find that there is a vast variety of porcelain tiles that you can choose from and they are also comparatively larger than ceramic tiles that make them an even better choice. The only drawback to these kinds of tiles is that they are slightly more expensive than the ceramic tiles but if you have the budget they are a great future investment.

The tiling industry in Singapore is known for their varied and beautiful options of tiles that can be placed in various locations of the house such as the living room, bathroom, and kitchens. Once you choose the right type of tile that match your need you can sit back and watch how it transforms the room in which it is being installed.

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