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All You Need to Know about Different Awning Styles

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So you just realized the advantages of having an awning from Singapore and want to get one for your patio or deck? Awnings not just protect you and your furniture from sun/rain, but also give a refines, classy look to the exterior of your house. You may have decided on the type of awning you want – fixed, retractable, portable, automatic, the options are many. However, have you decided which style of awning you want? Do not worry, we have got it covered for you. Have a look at these awning styles and decide which one will work the best for you.

Dome-shaped awnings

These awnings resemble the shape of a dome. They are also called bubble awnings because the cover has a balloon-like design with curves moving outward. They look graceful and are among the classic designs. As they are not wide, they are mostly used over doors or windows – any small area.

Casement awnings

Casement awnings are shaped like a box or a case. They create a beautiful combination with casement windows as they allow the window to be opened and closed easily. Most commonly used material for building a casement awning is aluminum.

Barrel Awnings

These awnings look like barrels and are an excellent choice if you are looking to cover a wide area. Barrel awnings usually have a curvy design in the center, while the sides remain flat.

Waterfall awnings

As the name indicates, this kind of awning, Singapore has an inclined design so anything that falls on the awning, slides down. The waterfall design makes it simpler to maintain the awning, as it basically cleans itself by not letting debris accumulate on it. If you do not have a big area to cover with an awning, this style is recommended. They also fit in well above entrances or small areas.

Roll up awnings

The style is usually available in retractable awnings. You can roll up the awning, it comes with a pull or crank mechanism. Some of them can be motorized too. These awnings are recommended for small areas.

Shed awnings

This kind of awning does not have side panels. It is more like a covering that slopes down. It has a triangular shape and is among the most oldest awning styles. This one again is ideal for doors and windows.

Other popular awning styles from Singapore include crescent awnings, ornamental awnings, elongated some awnings and customizable awnings.

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